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Also known by her full name as Taylor Alison Swift, Taylor Swift is an incredible singer-songwriter from America. She ranks among the top ten all-time famous singers across the world. She ranks exactly below Michael Jackson and just above Stevie Wonder. As a well-trained American singer, she had an excellent career and she has won millions of hearts with her voice and lyrics. Her hard work brought her this far and now the whole world knows her miraculous and amazing voice. Taylor Alison Swift or Taylor Swift has officially presented her songs at various events. Taylor Swift has been extensively known for her beautiful voice and singing skills. She had won many awards, almost 324 throughout her career. She said that she was greatly supported by her friends and family and they hold total credit for her today’s success. 


She travels well and performs across many countries like the United Kingdom, Hong Kong etc. She has been among one the youngest singers who have managed to attain great fame in a very less time. The genres of her songs include pop songs, rock songs along with folk songs. 


Childhood and Education


Taylor Swift has got a heritage of two kinds Scottish and German. She had a very good singing background as her maternal grandmother was an Opera Singer. She had great influence and experience in singing from a very small age. She was born on 13th December 1989. She was born in Pennsylvania. Her siblings include her only brother Austin who is a great paid actor. She became interested in singing and theatre at a very young age of 9. Her first performance was presented by her at four Berks Youth Theatre Academy productions. For learning and grabbing experience she decided to travel to New York City. There she grabbed vocal and acting lessons. At around the age of 10, she got inspired by the songs of Shania Twain who was greatly inclined toward country music. She valued her singing skills a lot and so for this reason her dedication and hard work started paying her off. She spent her weekends attending and performing at festivals and events. This gave her a lot of exposure which she needed to ensure that she may not get nervous at any point when she wanted to deliver her best. 

At age eleven she finally decided to move to Nashville Tennessee with her mother. She did this to start her music career. This was her initial life while she was learning to perform. She gradually started learning how to play certain musical instruments. The first one which she learnt to play was the guitar. She attended various meetings with record labels to finally attract what she wanted. 


However, her education was never affected due to her passion for singing. Before she realised that she wanted to sing she attended her pre-school and kindergarten at Alvernia Montessori School, and then she attended The Windcroft School for her primary studies. She completed her high school at Wyomissing Area Junior/Senior High School. 

Before she decided to go for homeschooling so that she could give her time to singing, she attended Hendersonville High School then she got transferred to Aron Academy. She completed her graduation one year before. She recently got a Doctoral degree from New York University and now she is a doctorate in Fine Arts. Like this, she took out time for her studies as well as her passion for singing. She started her music career in country music and now she finds it the most appropriate decision for it was something which helped her with the basics. It was in 2005 when she caught the attention of Scott Borchetta who wanted to form an independent record label and this was one of the best opportunities for Taylor Swift as a singer.





Taylor Swift has a very supportive and lovely family. Scott Kingsley Swift, her father was a stockbroker and her mother, Andrea Gardner Swift is a homemaker who once used to be an executive at mutual funds marketing. She has a younger brother named Austin as we already know, he is a smart guy and an amazing singer. This amazing family and the support of her friends helped her achieve this kind of success which no- one can generally attain without any support. However, it was her determination and passion which led her this way to success. Her father wanted her to do good in music and so for this reason he transferred to the Nashville office of Merrill Lynch to support her.


Career life


Taylor Swift started her career life on a major basis when she decided to transfer to Nashville. There she worked with many experienced singers and songwriters who provided her with every experience with learning any skills which formed the basics of the music industry. Taylor Swift finds this decision one of the best as her road to success started in Nashville. Sony/ATV Tree publishing house signed her and claimed that she was the youngest artist ever they have signed. After she met Scott Borchetta, her father bought her 3% of the company at Big Machine, which had an estimated amount of $120,000. Soon after this, she started working on her debut album. At that time she wrote three album songs right away. Taylor Swift was finally on the big stage on 24th October 2006. On the Billboard 200 of the United States, she toped number 5. She stayed there for 157 weeks which was the longest period for any artist on the chart in the 2000s decided of the United States. She had to work hard along with her mother to promote herself through radio or television appearances. Throughout 2007-2008 she gave out singles like “teardrops on my guitar”, “Our Song”, “picture to burn” and “Should’ve Said No” and all of these were among hot country songs. She was the youngest one to write those singles and sing them on the board. Two of these songs ranked number one at that time. She won Artist of the Year 2007 by the Nashville songwriters Association and she was the youngest to get that award. She also grabbed the Horizon award for Best New Artist after this by Country Music Association. She became one of the best female vocalists of that time. She gave her second studio album in 2008 which was Fearless. Along with these, there were other songs like “Love Story”, “White Horse”, “You Belong With Me”, and “Fifteen”. All these were highest charting one after the other on Billboard.    



Name Taylor Alison Swift
Age 32
Date of Birth 13th December 1989
Net Worth $400 million
Spouse Joe Alwyn
Religion Christian
Education Doctorate in Fine Arts
Profession American Singer




Personality and Physical features


Taylor Swift was excellent from the very beginning. She has a charming and attractive personality. She is very unique and kind. She is famous among her friends for her looks and personality. She is fit and looks very smart and glamorous. She is inspiring and confident enough to speak what she feels. She is kind and empathetic. She weighs around 63 kgs and is 5.9 feet tall. She has beautiful blond hair and beautiful green eyes. He has clear, glowing skin and a fair complexion. She stands different from the crowd because of her personality. Taylor Swift is a very bold woman who seeks better in everything, and that is what makes her so unique. Her nationality is American. Her personality has made her so confident and bold towards her passion. She is known to work and think well under harsh conditions. She can also manage her work well under pressure and that is what makes her personality so unique.  




Taylor Swift is a very successful and beautiful woman, so so undoubtedly she is“Miss Perfect”. However, she extensively finds it difficult like every other woman to manage things. She is extensively known as an American Singer. Taylor Swift got even more famous for her achievements and skills after she won several awards. Her skills in playing the guitar and other musical instruments are very hard to find in any other person. The way she manages her tone for different genres while singing or playing any instrument makes her an experienced person in her field. She intensified her skills by changing her tones from time to time for her different genres. She used the support of his loved ones as fuel for her passion. Her skills made her stand out as a very unique singer among many other singers and songwriters.


Net worth


Taylor Swift’s net worth is around $400 million. Her profession as an American singer is the primary reason behind this considerable income. Annually he earns around $150 million. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn with her family and lives a lavish lifestyle. She owns her own house in New York at 153 Franklin street and is quite happy with her lifestyle. She has collaborated with many celebrities and is a very successful personality. She is kind enough to produce a kind of charity work from whatever she earns. She supports her family very well with what she earns enough to help them lead a lavish lifestyle. 








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