Omicron new variant

Another COVID-19 surge is coming due to the new subvariant

aanother-cOmicron-new-variantanotherOmicron-new-variantDoctors claimed that they are scared because of the another surge of COVID-19 found. They are worried because of the new variant of COVID-19 having capacity of reinfection.

A new sub-variant of Omicron is found which is known as BA.5. Experts claimed that this variant has tendency to reinfect those who have recently Been suffered from COVID in tha last few months. It is now that dominant strain in US and it is highly infectious even for the people who are vaccinated and double vaccinated even who have taken the booster dose.

Dr. Nicole Van Groningen of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center further added “Unlike any other variant, it has this incredible capacity for immune escape, because it tends to have this capacity for reinfection, we are worried we are going to see increasing cases this summer”.

According to Dr Dean Blumberg of UC Davis, this is bad news for 3.1 million people residing in Los Angeles area, who have already been recovered from COVID-19, Moreover, who have already been vaccinated.

Blumberg added “There is emerging evidence to suggest with each repeat infection, there are other complications that may occur such as strokes, heart attacks and other long term complications and diseases”.

Vaccination is considered as the best method to prevent serious illness in various people and hospitalization plus deaths are remaining low, though mask mandates may return if community transmission levels high for more days.

Van Groningen further added “People are worried and if we don’t start to take better precautions voluntarily, we might actually get back to the point where we need the mandate”.

Omicron specific booster is expected to be available soon, but experts said that people shouldn’t wait for this more, as it’s high time and is very important for people to get vaccinated, double vaccinated and booster dose as soon as possible, according to their eligibilty for their own benefit and good health.

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