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Lori Anne Allison Biography

Lori Anne Allison is a 64-year-old makeup artist who is extensively known as the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, an American actor. This gorgeous makeup artist is a producer and a social media influencer, along with being a makeup artist. She belongs to Miami, wherever she goes, and has been counted among one of the best entrepreneurs in Florida, United States. At the crest of Cockymane, she has been appointed as its vice-president. As a fashion freak, she has launched her cosmetics and fashion products. Lori Anne Allison has worked very hard her entire life. She had worked under many professional makeup artists to gain that experience required to boost her confidence enough to grab that fame!

Lori Anne Allison loves to hang out with her family members. However, we do not know much about her family. She cherishes the time with her family members. She has collaborated with many known fashion products and celebrities to build up herself.

Childhood and EducationLori Anne Allison

Lori Anne Allison is known for her makeup artist skills. Moreover, she is extensively known as the ex-wife of an American actor, Johnny Depp. He is widely famous for his character as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Lori Anne Allison gave her first cry in Miami, Florida, United States. She was born on 6th September 1957. She was born into a Christian family which belonged to the upper-middle class. She was brought up in the United States only. As of today, i.e., 2022, she is 64 years old. We do not have any information about her family members like her parents or siblings. All we know is that she constantly loves hanging out and enjoying being with her family. Lori Anne Allison’s father was in the business field, and her mother was a housewife. She has not shared the names of her family members on social media, but her social media profiles show that she has sisters too. As her sister is prone to social media platforms, we have got to know her name. She is Suzzane Allison, a photographer. As a kid, Lori Anne Allison was always interested in hairstyling and fashion. This is what led her to become a makeup artist today. She was always curious o know different ways to style her hair. She felt the whole world whenever she found herself around blushes, foundations, brushes, etc… She was not that good in academics, but she completed high school and then graduated from a reputed college. When she was at age eleven, she used to practice her skills on her dolls. She used to cut its hair and give them different styles and looks. She would also use the pen to mark makeup expressions on the face of her dolls. She would use eyeliners and lipsticks to sketch the prototypes of her dolls or faces on paper. This is how she found her great interest in makeup and fashion. She loved this, and this is what was her hobby, along with reading. Trying out new ideas in fashion was her passion. She had no free time as a kid, as her hobby occupied her free time. Lori Anne Allison completed her education at reputed and prestigious colleges and schools like Abbott High School and Miami Dade College. After completing her education at these institutes.

Lori Anne Allison Family

As we have mentioned, there is not much information about Lori Anne Allison’s family. Her mother used to be a homemaker, and her father was in the business field. She has a sister, and her name is Suzzane Allison. Suzzane is a photographer. Other than this, what includes in her family could be the information about her spouse. Lori Anne Allison is divorced, and her ex-husband is Johnny Depp. she is single and reportedly has no children. She got married to Johnny Depp in 1983 and got divorced in 1986. They just had three years of marriage, and then they got separated. They got married in Florida.

Career life

Lori Anne Allison was always passionate about her goals and career as a makeup artist. She completed her graduation son started working under professionals to gain experience. It was her passion that drove her to fame. Finally, she started to work as a makeup artist in 1992. For working as a makeup artist, she thought Los Angeles to be the best place. She stayed at Chelsea Hotel. She moved to Los Angeles in 1993 and started working at an incredible pace there. In her career, she was greatly influenced by David Bowie and Way Bandy. Other than them, she was also influenced by actors, musicians, and models. Apart from working as a makeup artist Lori Anne Allison has wanted to be a musician. Many of her friends are in the music production field. Her interest in fashion led her to pursue fashion photography. She tried working on a film, and her first film was “Sunset Heat,” a 1992 film. Cyber Bandit was the next film she worked on, released in 1995. Her interest in working as an actor grew more, and she further appeared in a TV series. The name of this TV series was The Ultimate Light, released in 1996. She also appeared in the Supreme Court of Comedy, her second hit TV series. Supreme Court of Comedy was released in 2008, and in the same year, Lori Anne Allison was also seen in Stand Up To Cancer. When she finished her TV shows, she decided to return to her fashion career. In 2015 she launched a makeup range called “Serendipity Lip Glosses.” Lori Anne Allison was a very cheerful and lively person from the very beginning. She did everything she wanted to do in her life. She also had a small cupcake business, “D” Cups.

NameLori Anne Allison
Date of Birth6th September 1957
Income$2.5 million
SpouseJohnny Depp(Now Divorced)
ProfessionalMakeup artist
About Lori Anne Allison

Personality and Physical features

Lori Anne Allison was excellent from the very beginning. He has a charming and attractive personality. Her partial deafness never held her back from being unique and confident. She is famous among her friends for her looks and personality. She is slim and looks very smart. She has long black-brown hair and beautiful black eyes. She is five feet tall and weighs around 60 kilograms. She has clear, glowing skin and a fair complexion; she stands different from the crowd because of her personality. Lori Anne Allison is a very bold woman who seeks better in everything, and that is what makes her so unique. She is very kind and sympathetic towards the needy. Her kind and sensible trait were visible when she spoke from Johnny Depp’s side in his recent case where he was accused of being abusive to women by his wife, Amber Heard. Lori Anne Allison said that Johnny Depp was never abusive to her while they were together and not even after that.

Lori Anne Allison, Johnny Depp’s wife

Lori Anne Allison is a very successful and beautiful woman, so we can readily call her “beauty with brains.” However, she is extensively known as a celebrity spouse. She is known as the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, an American actor. She got even more famous with this title when she showed her involvement in Johnny Depp’s hearing. She took a stand for him to speak up for what was right. She supported her ex-husband and confessed that he was never abusive with her until they were together and not even after that. Lori Anne Allison is five years older than Johnny Depp, and they both were married when she was twenty-five years old, and the latter was twenty years old. They were married in 1983 in Florida and separated in 1986 due to a few differences. However, their divorce never caused differences in their friendship. They are still good friends supporting each other in each other’s thick and thins. This is visible from the moment when Lori Anne Allison supported Johnny Depp in his case against his wife, Amber Heard.   

Net worth -Lori Anne Allison

Lori Anne Allison’s net worth is close to $2.5 million. Her profession as a professional makeup artist and paid promotions are the primary reasons behind this considerable income. Annually she earns around $200,000-$450,000. Initially she had many other sources of income like as an actor or as an entrepreneur. Currently she lives in California with her pets and lives a lavish lifestyle. She owns her own house and is quite happy with her lifestyle. She has collaborated with many celebrities and is a very successful personality. 

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