Boris Johnson denied cabinet's proposal

Boris Johnson denied Cabinet Minister’s demands to quit

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom abruptly denied the Cabinet demands to quit. Instead he insisted that he will fight and face the overwhelming mutiny. He called Michael Gove a “treacherous person” and sacked him from his party.

Boris Johnson defies the Cabinet demands to quit on Wednesday night i.e. 06/07/2022, and instead he added that he will fight and face the overwhelming mutiny. Moreover, he dismissed the treacherous Michael Gove, irrespective of being confronted by Cabinet Ministers, resignation of mass frontbench, moreover, a threat to one leadership vote.

The Prime Minister was about of being out sted of the party because more frontbench walkout took the total of Tory MPs quitting official post beyond 40 in the last two days.

Last night, in one-on-one meeting of Cabinet Minister’s with Boris Johnson, Ministers claimed that he should resign from the post because he has lost the support of most of the ministers, moreover, the support of his own party.

The Telegraph shows that government Whips office has estimated and reached at the conclusion that Mr. Johnson would win the support of only around 65 Tory MPs in the new confidence vote total out of almost 360.

But Johnson denied to accept the Cabinet Minister’s proposal to quit instead he added that if he would leave the party now, there would be chaos in the party for three months, which is not acceptable. Moreover, the Tories have chosen their successor before a likely election defeat to Labour.

Mr Johnson’s Tory Critics anger were at its peak on Wednesday night. Sir Bob Neill, the chairman of Justice Committee added that “Our country is being made a laughing stock by one person’s obsessive selfishness”. On this, the chairman of defence committee, Tobias Ellwood added that “We have a patriotic duty to conclude this”.

The Welsh secretary, Simon Hart, stepped down and resigned over Boris Johnson’s refusal to accept Cabinet’s warning.

The leadership race of the succession of Prime Minister was started as the Attorney General, Suella Braverman, declared her Candidacy.

Ms Braverman claimed to become the next leader live on ITV News, pledged tax cuts and called on Mr Johnson to quit – though she did not quit the Cabinet.

As Boris Johnson sacked the communities Secretary, Michael Gove on call on Wednesday night around 9pm, an ally of Boris Johnson added that “He has just always been treacherous, disloyal, self-obsessed, untrustworthy – pick whichever you like.” He was also likened to a “snake” by supporters of Mr Johnson.

The ally also added that there would not be any “lectern moment” by declaring that Mr Johnson was thinking about an economic reset speech which will promise for tax cuts and deregulation.

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